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Question: What is

Answer: Our website provides a free service where you can send our greeting cards, jokes, poems, stories, games, and funpages to your friends and family. 

Question: I would like to exchange links with  How should I proceed?

Answer:  Click here to go to our link exchange page.

Question: What is your privacy policy?

Answer:  Click here to read our privacy policy.

Question: Why is your content so diverse?

Answer:  People come to for the first time for a variety of reasons.  Some people are looking for G Rated cartoons or comic strips.  Others type in because they are looking for jokes and other forms of humor.  It is somewhat of a dilemma when we make new content because it is very hard to please both groups of people at the same time.  Amazingly, our audience is split right down the middle.  The same amount of people send "Always Say A Prayer" as they do "Beer Makes Us Smarter".  Half of our audience wants to see goofy smiling cards or Christian cards while the other half wants to see college age humor.  For now, we have split our jokes section into groups, distinguishing which kind of humor our viewers will see. 

Question: Does it cost anything to send one of your cards?

Answer: Absolutely not.  Our cards are 100% free to send.

Question: Will I be added to any mailing list if I send a card?

Answer: There are two ways you could be subscribed to a mailing list. If you check a box on the referral page or sign up for an offer on the thank you pages.  Sometimes the boxes will be prechecked.  If you do not wish to join a mailing list all you have to do is uncheck the boxes.

Questions: Why should I join the mailing list? What will happen if I do join?

Answer:  You will receive our email newsletter, showing you our newest games, jokes, funpages, and greeting cards as we make them.  You will often see them even before they are linked on the site.  This means you will see them before nonmembers and you can send them to your friends first!

Question: I don't remember signing up for's mailing list.  How did I get on it?

Answer: bought several smaller funpage sites.  You were probably a member at one of these.  All smaller acquisitions were merged into  Some examples of sites that were bought out are SendAGreetingCard, ValentinesDayCards, HopelessRomantic, PositiveThoughts, SendAFart, NewFunPages, HumorConnect, FriendTest, and there are numerous others.  We also buy coregistrations via checkboxes on other greeting card sites, meaning that you may have signed up by leaving our checkbox checked when you sent a card from another site.  If you do not want to be a part of our mailing list there is an unsubscribe link included at the bottom of every mailing we send out.  Feel free to unsubscribe at any time.  You can also click here to globally unsubscribe from all of our mailing lists which includes all of our greeting card sites.

Question:  I signed up for your mailing list but for some reason I'm no longer receiving your daily emails.  What happened?

Answer:  Make sure you add this email address to your safe list:   It is very important, because sometimes our daily emails accidentally get blocked because they are mistaken for spam. We recommend that all subscribers add this to their safe list ASAP.   Sometimes our emails bounce back to us because the recipients' email accounts are full.  If this happens several times your account will be suspended until you contact us.  If you have contacted us and added to your safe list, and you are still not receiving our daily emails we suggest you contact your email service provider and tell them that you wish to receive emails from  They may be blocking our emails.  Usually, if you contact them they will remove the block.

Question:  Why should I sign up for other offers seen on your site?

Answer:  Many of the offers are great deals.  Plus, we receive a commission anytime you sign up for something.  That's what allows us to keep this site FREE for you.

Question: What if I no longer want to be on the mailing list?

Answer: You can quit anytime.  A link to unsubscribe from the list will be provided in every single mailing we send out to you.  You are under no obligation to remain on our list.  If for some reason the unsubscribe does not work, or if you would like to be removed from ALL funpage newsletters in our network you can globally unsubscribe yourself by clicking here and entering your email address.  You will immediately be removed from all newsletters we are associated with.

Question: I sent a card to my friend but he/she never received the card.  What gives?

Answer:  We strive to be as efficient as possible.  However sometimes errors occur.  Make sure your friend checks his/her junk mail settings.  Spam has become such a problem these days that often legitimate sites such as this one get filtered into junk mail filters at Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and many others.  It has been estimated that over 30% of legitimate non-spam email gets filtered into the junk folder at various sites.  Please inform your friends of this and make sure all emails coming from TafMaster or are on your "safe" list.

Question:  I have an idea for a greeting card.  Where should I send it?  Will I get recognition for it?

Answer: If you send us an original poem or story and we decide to use it we will give you credit at the bottom of the page.  Your name will be seen by millions of people. Send all suggestions, pictures, animations, etc. to us by clicking here.

Question: An image, text, or a music file on your site belongs to me.  How did it end up on your site?

Answer:  Unlike most sites of this type, we provide an enormous amount of unique and original material.  However, sometimes we use images and sounds that are found within the public domain.  Also, sometimes our subscribers email us suggestions or pictures that do not belong to them.  If we have mistakenly used something that you created or that you own please send an email by clicking here and we will follow up with you to resolve the problem.

Question: I would like to advertise on your site or perform a strategic partnership.  Who should I contact?

Answer:  We currently have nearly 3.6 million active subscribers to our daily newsletter which we mail to everyday.  If you are interested in advertising in our newsletter or on our website click here to send us an email. We also own,, and

Question: I can no longer click on the links to your greeting cards when I open your daily newsletter.  I had no problems in the past but now the links aren't clickable.  What's going on?

Answer:  Hotmail, AOL,  and some other email providers have been accidentally classifying our newsletter as junk mail. If the links in the email you received aren't clickable you may see this message at the top of the email: Hotmail has disabled some of the content of this message for your protection.
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All you have to do to fix this problem is click on "Never disable content from this sender."  Also, make sure is on your safe list.  This will prevent our newsletter from being filtered into your junk mail folder.

Question: Who powers your referral engine, sending out the emails to the card recipients?

Answer: TafMaster

Question: This F.A.Q. section is great and all, but my question is still unanswered.  What should I do?

Answer: For all unanswered questions and general comments send an email to


Special Notice: If you ever have problems sending cards from this site, here is a helpful secret that you can use. Go to the card you want to send. Each card has a unique url listed at the top in your browser. For example, if you are viewing World's Funniest Babies the url in your browser would be  You can highlight that with your mouse, then right click, and select "copy". Then you can "paste" that link into your normal email program and send it to your friends. This way also allows you to totally bypass all of the advertising as well! You can also send it to your entire address book this way!  You can do that from now on if you wish. is a part of the Laugh Network